Our Services

The firm is devoted to provide excellent consulting services on, among others, engineering, socio-economic development and environment. It has expertise of developing innovative, cost effective and delivering quality consulting services. It also draws its strength from experienced institutions. The expertise in the firm has attained excellence in professional experience as well as higher education and training from various countries.

The services on the following fields are provided from planning, study, survey, design, supervision, management to commissioning etc.

  • Urban Planning

    Planning and design of Complexes, Urban settlements, Physical and Social infrastructures, (e.g.; Sewerage and Drainage network Master Plan, Industrial master plan, Municipal Transportation Master Plan (MTMP), quantity and cost estimate, Prepare Reports, Investment plan, Management plan, Project evaluation and monitoring plan, Physical Development Plan which Consists; Preparation of Periodic Plan of Municipality and Districts, Conservation and Development, Sports and recreational master Plan etc.

  • Geo-tech Engineering

    General geo-technical investigation for pavement design and foundation design of tower, bridge and buildings. Various laboratory test and analysis of soil samples.

  • Architectural/Structural

    Design of truss and tower structure, Planning and design of Residential, Commercial and sports Complexes, Urban settlements etc.

  • Property Valuation

    Valuation of land, buildings and machinery for banking mortgage purposes.

  • Interior Design

    Design and planning of Flooring and Furnishing, Bath wares & Plumbing, Painting & Polishing etc.

  • Drinking Water Supply

    Rural Water Supply, Distribution Network Analysis & Design – Elevated Tanks.

  • Water Resources

    Irrigation, Drainage, Hydrology and Meteorology – Hydrogeology – Master plans for water resources systems – Small Dams – Weirs – Flood control. Hydropower related structures.

  • Waste-Water Engineering

    Design & Analysis of Drainage and Sewer systems.

  • Highway Engineering

    Highway design-geometry, Culverts, Slope Protection, Pavement design.

  • Traffic Planning

    Master plans for transportation development – traffic surveys – general evaluation.

  • Environmental Studies

    Initial Environmental Examination, Environmental Impact Assessment of Hydropower projects, road projects, irrigation projects, water and waste water project, wet-land etc, Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan.

  • Socio-economic Studies

    Baseline survey, impact studies, profile study and benchmark survey, micro and macro economics studies, viability study, market survey and analysis, statistics and research works, micro enterprises and industrial setup.

  • Survey Engineering

    Topographical surveys – Route surveys.

  • Survey Engineering Management

    Preparation of Contract documents, Quantity Survey and Project managements etc.

  • Agriculture

    Integrated rural development, Soil conservation, Collection and storage master plan.

  • Economic Studies

    Economic feasibility studies and profitability studies.

  • Research

    Research on engineering, socioeconomic, education and management.

  • Institutional Development

    Organizational study, restructuring & Resource management.

  • Computer Application

    Software training & workshops.

  • Hydropower Development

    Pre- feasibility and feasibility design of hydropower projects, hydraulic design, quantity and cost Estimate, rate analysis, hydro- dynamic analysis and structure design, optimization, sensitivity analysis, tender documents and specification, preparation of reports etc.